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Ohio (OH)

04/24/2014 - Calculations below are based on real-time registration information and submitted data from campaign participants; therefore, the reported values will fluctuate over time.

Enrollment Statistics
Clinical Goal Progress
Find Participating Nursing Homes

Enrollment Statistics

Ohio (OH)
Nation Participating nursing homes:
9676 Percentage of participating nursing homes**:
61.9 % Participating consumers:
3709 Participating nursing home staff:

** - Denominator is the latest available count of Medicare and/or Medicaid certified nursing homes, updated quarterly. Numerator is all registered participants (Medicare and/or Medicaid certified and non certified nursing homes), updated daily.

Tracking Campaign Progress

Clinical Quality Measure α Physical Restraints High Risk Pressure Ulcers Chronic Care Pain Post-Acute Care Pain
Average QM score of ALL NHsβ Ohio (OH) 1.4% 5.5% 8.3% 22.1%
Nationwide 1.3% 6.0% 7.7% 19.0%

α Quality measure data are from 2013 Quarter 4 and are updated every quarter.  Nursing home Quality Measure (QM) scores with denominators <30 (<20 for post acute care measures) are not publicly reported on this website or on  Quality measure data for clinical goals for all states are also available in download format at Go to for further explanation of reporting periods and publicly available nursing home information.

βState and national averages are the average of nursing home scores as reported on NH Compare.

QM = quality measure; NH = nursing home; N/A = not available--> Data not displayed due to low denominator

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