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Staff Stability

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Most residents are more comfortable with caregivers they know. When nursing homes achieve stable staffing, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), nurses, and administrators work in the nursing home long enough to learn each resident’s needs and preferences. A stable staff allows the nursing home to benefit from experience and knowledge that staff gain over time, increasing the overall competence and confidence of staff, while building strong bonds between residents and caregivers.

How does staff stability benefit residents?
  • Residents do not have to explain to new caregivers how to care for them day after day.
  • Staff can anticipate resident needs and respond more quickly, confidently and naturally when they know the residents.
  • Residents are more comfortable with the intimate aspects of care when they know their caregivers.
  • Residents with dementia are much more comfortable with familiar caregivers.
  • Residents can have stronger relationships with staff.
  • Residents in nursing homes with stable leadership and care staff have better clinical outcomes.
How does staff stability benefit nursing home staff?
  • Staff know what residents want and need.
  • Staff can give better care and be more organized in their work with team members they know.
  • Staff are less likely to be working with “temporary” nurses or CNAs who are not as familiar with resident routines.
  • Staff turnover is reduced.
  • Staff have greater work satisfaction and are less likely to leave.
How does staff stability benefit nursing homes?
  • Nursing homes reduce the costs involved in repeatedly advertising, interviewing, hiring and training new staff.
  • Nursing homes with satisfied staff members are able to recruit other good workers.
  • Nursing homes have better survey outcomes and quality measures.
  • Family satisfaction rates improve.