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Person-Centered Care

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Person-centered care promotes choice, purpose and meaning in daily life. Person-centered care means that nursing home residents are supported in achieving the level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being that is individually practicable. This goal honors the importance of keeping the person at the center of the care planning and decision-making process. Care plans are living documents that are revised to reflect a person’s changing needs. In person-centered care, staff places a premium on active listening and observing, so staff can adapt to each resident’s changing needs regardless of cognitive abilities.

How does person-centered care benefit residents?
  • Residents have autonomy and are able to direct care and services.
  • Resident choice fosters engagement and improves quality of life.
  • Residents live in an environment of trust and respect.
  • Residents are in a close relationship with staff that are attuned to their changes and can respond appropriately.
  • Residents continue to live in a way that is meaningful to them.
How does person-centered care benefit staff?
  • Staff members are more comfortable caring for people they know.
  • Staff form a strong partnership with residents and their families.
  • Staff know a person’s preferences, can anticipate the person’s needs and adapt accordingly.
  • Staff are highly valued in person-centered care organizations.
  • Staff work more efficiently in person-centered care environments and can devote time where it is most needed.
How does person-centered care benefit nursing homes?
  • Nursing homes have better quality outcomes due to the ability of staff to identify and respond appropriately to changes in a resident’s condition.
  • Nursing homes gain referrals from people who have a good experience and recommend the nursing home to others as a place for care.
  • Nursing homes have better staff retention due to a strong relationship between staff and residents.