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The Advancing Excellence Long-Term Care Collaborative is a membership based not-for-profit national organization. Our current project is the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign. The Board of Directors meets monthly by phone and 3 to 4 times a year in person. There are currently two standing committees, four workgroups, and task forces for each of the nine goals. Current funding for AE comes from The Commonwealth Fund, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and membership dues.

The Collaborative has four levels of memberships.

1. Organization
Organization membership is open to any non-profit organization with an interest in long-term care services and support. (e.g. provider associations, membership associations, quality improvement organizations, consumer organizations, educational organizations and foundations)
2. Supporting
Supporting membership is open to companies providing products and services to the long-term care industry and which have an interest in long-term care services and support.
3. Individual
Individual membership is open to persons with an interest in long-term care services and support.
4. Advisory Participants
Non-dues paying, non-member Advisory Participant is open to any key stakeholder otherwise ineligible for membership in other categories.

For more information on memberships, please contact Doug Pace at