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Consistent Assignment

Now that you know what you want to improve, it’s important to identify your starting point or baseline. Download the data tracking tool and collect data for a month or so to determine your starting point.

Consistent Assignment Tracking Tool
MS Excel Track the number of caregivers each resident has for the month and calculate the percent of residents meeting your target number.
Adobe PDF Illustrated instructions for using the tracking tool.
MS Excel Do you want to track neighborhoods separately, or do you have more than 150 residents? This tool is for you! Complete the TrackingTool (above) for each group, then use this tool to automatically summarize your results.
MS Excel Prefer the original format? The original version, which tracks residents and their caregivers by week and by shift is back! Either tool may be successfully used to create the calculations for website entry. The Common Qs & As will familiarize you with differences between the tools. NEW – Now works with the Consolidation Tool! See Common Qs & As for details.